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308 Gordon Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30307
+704 695 5244



    One of the many cool corners in the home of our co-founder @kristamax. πŸ“·: @diwangvaldez πŸŒ€

    Weekend plans: ditching the straight and narrow for roads less traveled.

    Thinking about Ruth Van Beek's 'Untitled (The Arrangement)' collage. Listening to Madonna.

    At home with Vivienne and Frank.

    The #BriteBodies Prism pedestal in its best shade of blue πŸ’™

    In the mood: storage by Melinda Davis circa 1978.

    Thinking about Le Corbusier's original concrete vision for communal living. Listening to LCD Soundsystem.

    Call your Mom πŸ’™ Image: Willy Rizzo, 1971.

    In the Memphis-loving spirit of Ettore Sottsass, the #BriteBodies Ettore Pedestal features a bold black and white check, hand-painted here in Atlanta.

    In the mood: the Neelam Theatre designed by Indian architect Aditya Prakash in collaboration with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanerret in 1952.


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