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308 Gordon Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30307
+704 695 5244



    Christmas is on it's way, and its arriving in one of these custom-built limousines by designer Jay Ohrberg. Get your goods for gifting while the getting's good. Hot tip: the #BriteBodies Hicks candlesticks (short and tall) and Nathalie obelisks are compatible with most stocking shapes.

    In the (holiday) mood: Body and Beauty Book, Vogue 1979.

    Did you know we make all our pieces right here, under the big, blue Atlanta sky? It's true. Every #BriteBodies table, pedestal, and candlestick is born in the US of A.

    Calling all book stacks — there's a sizable plaster coffee table out there with your name on it. Its name is Abbott and it's available in Necco Wafer pink or white or any custom colorway your heart desires.

    In the mood: Issey Miyake, Spring 1994.

    Thinking about this Agnes Martin piece (Untitled) from 1965. Listening to Patti Smith.

    #BriteBodies — birds of a feather. Pillar, Antoine, Frank, and Frank.

    In the mood: an homage to Ruth Van Beek, source unknown.

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    The #BriteBodies Frank martini table is available in three colors: black, white, and "old blue eyes" blue.


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